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You might think that I don't have time to do anything but work, spank and write, but every once in a while I get enough free time to do other stuff. It's hard, but I've got a lot of interests and a lot of places I like to visit, particularly when it's past curfew. There's no rating system here because if I like it enough to mention it, I *really* like it! BTW, *Back to Top* finally works! I guess summer school is paying off! Our cool picks include items in the following categories:

Story Sites
Toys & Games
Scene-Related Sites

Story Sites
These are the places that I check out when I'm up past curfew . . .

Laura's Spanking Corner — This is an EXCELLENT site with a TON of stories collected from the some of the most talented authors of spanking fiction on the web. I'm excited that Laura recently asked us to have our stories archived on her site! All stories are archived with permission by the copyright author.

Pablo & Mija's Treehouse — There's great schoolgirl stories on this site and a wonderful collection of real life accounts about their relationship and how spanking fits into their lives. They also have a really cool section on bedtime stories, toys and games. Pablo and Mija are wonderful people and their site is a real gem. Climb up the rope ladder and check out their treehouse today!

Maggie's World — A terrific site with lots of fiction and real life accounts all written by women. Whether it's schoolgirl stories, daddy/daughter tales, D/s encounters, M/F, F/F or just about anything else you can think of, you'll find it at Maggie's! Like Laura's site, all stories are archived with permission of the copyright authors.

Castle Handyman — This site has been around forever and the stories archived on this site are very good, especially the schoolgirl ones, but they hardly ever update their pages! I think someone needs a spanking for that!

Two Shades of Blue — A wonderful new site featuring a collection of stories by Tasha and Delirium. Tasha is a very talented writer . . . and many of her stories feature a schoolgirl and/or daddy/daughter theme. Her site also has the kewlest visual key to tell you what the stories are rated. I definitely give this site six of the best! (NEW!)

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Toys and Games
Play time should always be fun. These will help, depending on your definition of fun . . .

The Toybag — This is where I got the very first toy I ever worked the nerve up to buy for Dean to use on me. It's the Little Heart Paddle . . . one of the nicest (and definitely brattiest) toys we own. Dean likes it because he can spank little red hearts all over my bottom! Small, but a nice thud to sting mixture . . . PURE BLISS! If you like wooden toys, this is one of the very best places to get them. A couple of their toys feature prominently in our stories.

Adam and Gillian — They make excellent, high quality, and oh so stunningly stern items of chastisement. Just right for the brattiest of schoolgirls (and for occasionally sulky Dean's as well--oops, I am in *such* big trouble now!) Beautiful tawses as well as canes, paddles and everything else guaranteed to make a girl see red! Dean's first cane actually is an antique which he came across in an interesting way and is prominently featured in the story Curiosity. I'm sort of partial to the A & G crook handled junior cane, which I've affectionately named Mr. Swishy.

Dover Saddlery — A shopping tip from Mary Catherine: Buy your riding crop from a tack store rather than an adult toy store. They even sell the ones with the little hand if you like that sort of thing. They're made better, quite a bit cheaper and it is SOOOOOOO much fun for a brat to make her Dean blush in public when she offers (sorta loudly) to let him *test* out the merchandise before they buy it! If you're a really skilled brat you'll be able to turn your Dean's face redder than he turns your bottom when you get home asking him to do that. There's also the chance that you'll find some interesting straps and belts for your collection. Horses and stables and riding figured heavily into my earliest fantasies, so this one's a natural addition to our toy chest.

Good Vibrations — There’s a couple locations in the San Francisco Bay Area. They don't have that many spanking sorts of toys, but they're very woman-friendly so you can go there by yourself without falling through the floor in embarrassment! I also love the bratty Plain Brown Bags they use to store your purchases. I bought my first spanking book here one day when I was merely looking for a place to get out of the rain during a big thunderstorm <g>.

Crabtree & Evelyn — The latest word is that they are discontinuing their top of the line solid wood hairbrushes with the natural bristles. At the moment they're still available at a few shops in the US and by order from Great Britain. Get them now before it's too late! (OMG, did I just say that?!) My brand new hairbrush just arrived from London, small, oval and solid cherry, just like the one I get spanked with in the Saint Francis stories. I'm happy to say that so far it hasn't brushed anything except my hair! It's beautiful, but I don't want it brushing my bottom any time soon! (Updated)

Magick and Fetish Shoppe — I just visited M & F for the first time and it was as kewl as I imagined. To answer the question, yes, I went over the infamous school desk in the back of the store to test out paddles before buying one! :) This is also where I got our razor strop from a few months back. (Updated)

Sur La Táble — They have the most astonishingly complete inventory of high quality wooden spoons I've ever seen. It's the one implement I refuse to be spanked with (except fictitiously), which makes it the ideal implement for me to use when the inner brat in Dean needs to be tamed. They have them all, from stingy spoons like you'd find in the kitchen to ones that are so big that you need both hands to swing it with .

Williams Sonoma — Yeah, it's another housewares store (I like to cook sometimes ok, even if I *really* hate doing dishes) and they have pretty nice spoons too. The real find here though are these amazing lollipops . . . large, hand pulled, candy cane flavored for Christmas (yum), heart shaped for Valentines Day, orange and chocolate for Halloween, etc. Delicious . . . both as a quick snack and a toy! The *best* toy a sugar deprived brat could ever hope to find! These are very *giggling* types of spanking toys BTW. After all, how serious can you be when you're getting spanked with a lollipop?

In our spare time we also like to play Saint Francis Scrabble and Saint Francisopoly (I swear, some day I'll find the time to finish writing out the rules and making that game board). We're also working on the rules for Spank Poker, but I've gotta get a better poker face or I'm never gonna be able to sit again!

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In case you don't know, chocolate is one of the BEST things in life . . .
Gardner's Candies — This is one of Mary Catherine's FAVORITE candy stores in the world. It's close to Saint Francis and is an old-fashioned candy shop. Yummy chocolate covered pretzels and they make Turkish Delight which is unlike any other candy in the world! Dean loves peanut butter, and their Peanut Buter Meltaways are world-famous.

Harbor Sweets — Seriously scrumptious chocolates. I like the Dark Horse Chocolates (particularly those Peppermint Ponies and the Grand Prix Jumpers) while Dean Michaels leans toward the chocolates with a nautical theme (like Sweet Sloops). They also make really cool peanut butter ponies and peanut butter lobsters.

Godiva — Sinful, worth every calorie, and despite the cost, errant schoolgirls and brats *need* to be spoiled like this sometimes-honest Dean, they do. Subliminal messages (whining, pouting, etc.) never hurt! You can also *borrow* your Dean's credit card if you feel REALLY brave (but you never heard it from me . . . rubs my bottom just thinking about it). I've never had a piece I didn't like, but I *LOVE* the Lion of Belgium the most because the only thing better than really good chocolate is really good chocolate with CARAMEL! 'Nuff said.

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Scene-Related Sites
Educational materials for anyone interested in spanking . . .
Shadow Lane — Shadow Lane is known throughout the spanking community for their high-quality romantic, erotic and disciplinary videos and their cool parties! They also publish and carry other items such as spanking magazines and a small selection of toys as well as a long list of links. They have both a free and pay portion on their site.

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email is great, but there's nothing like writing a note by hand for the one you love . . .

Hallmark — Yes, they’re big and commercial and there's like a million cards to choose from (both at the stores and on email) but if you look closely enough you'll notice that a lot of them have spanking overtones to them (depending on how you interpret the words of course ;)! I was genuinely surprised to find Hallmark was so spank friendly, but now I understand that slogan about “When you care enough to send six of the (errr very, honest, Dean I meant to say VERY) best!" ;)

1001 Postcards — They have so many postcards you could easily spend an evening looking for just the right one. Perfect for those times when you are trying to avoid homework or studying for a test. I like them because they have a large assortment of Winnie-the-Pooh cards! Strictly cyber cards, but they can really brighten up someone's day.

Great Thoughts Greetings — Not an outstanding selection of images (though Dean and I like lighthouses) but the quotes on this site are great!

Other than that, I like looking for interesting, unusual sorts of cards. Handmade, kitschy, irreverent, flirtatious . . . you name it. Support your local card stores and even better use your mind and make your own! It can really make an impression, even on the strictest Dean as seen in this special Valentine’s story from Mary Catherine’s Freshman Year. (Coming soon!)

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Things that are fun to have raised, lowered and be generally bratty in while wearing . . .

Schoolbelles — OK, you never EVER heard it from us, but if you're sneaky enough you can order way cool school uniforms and accessories from the Schoolbelles Cleveland store. My formal uniform is from there and it's also the source for my infamous mini plaid *Bratpacks* (errrrr, backpacks). They are too cute for words and everyone should have at least one, preferably two. I've got four and counting <g>. Everyone always asks where I bought it. They make a big one too for schoolbooks & stuff if you *have* to drag them around with you!

Acadamy Wear — The genuine article if you prefer the British schoolgirl look. Unlike Schoolbelles, these folks *know* why you really want those gymslips and knickers. I really like the idea of a very *proper* schoolgirl look and love my new uniform! Their clothes are very good, but shipping is quite slow. My new gymslip and knickers took over a month to arrive. It’s not as easy to be bratty wearing this stuff though (especially when there’s a cane close at hand).

JCrew — This is one of Mary Catherine and Dean Michaels favorite stores for after school clothes (even if we can *never* agree upon what Mary should get to wear)!

Tennis Direct — I play tennis, but even if you don't you HAVE to check out their plaid tennis skirts! OMG they are so cute (and show a lot of leg and just a tiny bit of cheek)! They are a bit longer than the average tennis skirt (which really do show off your panties big time) and the ad copy actually says something about perfect for going from the court to errands without changing. Now if I could only get them to add the part about how spankable Dean finds this particular look!

Banana RepublicOne of Dean's favorites. I go back and forth-either they have a *ton* of stuff I love, or nothing at all. Right now they have a lot so Dean’s got his credit cards under lock and key <g>.

Talbots — Horribly fussy and conservative—think New England prep styles, but I got my favorite red and grey plaid kilt there so they can't be all bad!

Tretorn — Cooler than any other tennis shoe in the world and WAY more comfy than Keds. Plus, if you look REALLY hard you can find ones that still have the plaid colored logo on the sides! FYI they can make an excellent spanking implement too, though a bit on the heavy side.

G.H. Bass & Company — Go there strictly for the stiff, highly polished black penny loafers. They look great with my formal uniform and the Dynasty model is our formal shoe. They're supposed to be difficult to wear out, but I'm really hard on them so I'm about to go on my third pair in the last 18 months.

Romantasy — Beautiful, stunning handmade corsets. Works of art really, though 180 degrees removed from traditional schoolgirl attire. The Dean caught Mary Catherine wearing one of these in the hayloft during senior year. Stunned does not begin to explain how he felt seeing her in this.

Victoria’s Secret — OK, I know these aren't the type of things schoolgirls *traditionally* wear, but I’ve found a few things that are just too cute (although they *really* <whine, moan> need to realize that most women and even schoolgirls DO NOT WEAR a 34B cup!). They do have the cutest plaid cotton bras and panties (in more generous sizes than most of their items) though and they usually have plaid jammies too! I also like to be slightly indulged at times <g> with a nice bubble bath using their Shimmering Body Gel (which they are discontinuing <major whhiiiiinnnee>).

Dr. Martens — Makers of excellent schoolgirl shoes, from sturdy oxfords to Mary Janes. They are *really* comfortable and the one shoe I've never had to actually break in. The steel toes make them extra bratty IMHO 'cos you can kick stuff without getting hurt ('cept maybe your bottom of course depending on *what* you decide to kick). (NEW!)

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Real or cyber they bring a smile to a brat’s face . . .

Make Me Happy — They have a wide assortment of pretty cyber flowers. More than your typical red roses and nice quality photos. Guaranteed to pick up a bad day!

When it comes to giving flowers, it's good to think of the type of brat your favorite girl is and pick them out accordingly. Sunflowers, freesia's, irises, daffodils, tulips . . . these are some of this brat's favorites and I LOVE if they're hand picked! If you want to guarantee a blush from your favorite schoolgirl and are planning on roses, try this tip from Dean! I've got to warn you though, if she's like me, her mind will *not* be on her work afterward so some at home help might be needed to help her refocus her attention!

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Stuff we like in general . . .

Saint Francis Wine — I really like to find creative ways to surprise Dean and this one was worth tracking down. He was really stunned when I gave this to him on Valentine’s Day (and it's hard to surprise him). It came in a really cool wooden box with Saint Francis printed on it and even had a matching wine glass! I don't really like wine, but it's Merlot, which goes with chocolate so that's a plus in my book!

Candy Love and Sweet Hearts — These two sites offer really cute cyber candy hearts that you can print personalized messages on. Great for Valentine's Day or just whisper sweet nothings to your special one!

Mail a Meal — When you can't have dinner together this is the spot to meet. Pack a picnic and settle in for a virtual dinner. Don't forget to bring a cyber paddle for dessert! It's also a good way to remind your brat the importance of eating a good breakfast (if she's like me she's sleeping in until the last possible minute and skipping breakfast).

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass — An absolute classic that never disappoints. You can read it online, but the best way is to have a nice firm bedtime spanking administered, then get tucked in and be read to sleep (after a bedtime snack of milk and cookies of course)! I have three copies, including one that's been personalized so it says my name instead of Alice's. I always feel like Alice's adventures are a mirror of my own . . . going to a strange, yet wonderful far off place no one else knows about . Dean promises to teach me how to play chess one day and when he does, I have my eye on this particular chessboard.

The Vermont Teddy Bear Company — Every brat should have one. Really . . . HONEST. They have the most adorable teddy bears. None of them could ever replace Simon in my heart (he even wears a plaid tie around his neck) but their bears are made to endure water pistols, rides in bratpacks and miscellaneous adventures. If your brat doesn’t already have a special friend of the teddy bear variety, pick one up here. Mary Catherine's picks . . . That Bear (each one is different) Back to School Boy Bear (even has a backpack) and Ready for Bed Ted (wish his jammies were plaid though). If you send a Bear-O-Gram your brat’s new friend will come with some chocolate and be custom packed in a sturdy traveling box with airholes in the sides.

SnoopyOne of our favorites. Really no other words are necessary to describe why you should visit this site!

Calvin & Hobbes — Long gone from the funnies, but not forgotten. Calvin is SOOOOO precocious, you wonder how it ended up that he was a six-year-old boy instead of a bratty little schoolgirl. I think he even got turned over mom and dad's knee once. Hobbes is still cute, smart and better than me at math after all these years! This site prints a strip a day to commemorate its 10th anniversary (the only drawback is that I am SO impatient and we won't see all the comic strips until 31 Dec 2006!). They let you send ecards too.

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