Fast Facts


Everything you need to know about Saint Francis! Check back often for updates.

Saint Francis School for Girls—A boarding school for girls (grades 9–12) located about 15 minutes south of Tyrone, Pennsylvania. It was established in 1899.

Benning Hall—The freshman girls dormitory. Mary Catherine shared Room 113 with Mandy during her freshman year and lives in the Senior Advisor’s suite on the fourth floor as a senior. Benning Hall is the oldest building on campus and the most beautiful. This large stone building was the former home of railroad baron Raymond McGill who donated the property to create Saint Francis.

Grier Hall—The senior girls dormitory. Grier is the newest dorm on campus, just recently remodelled.

Trustees Hall—The junior girls dormitory. Mary Catherine shared a room with Mandy in Trustees during her junior year.

Founders Hall—The sophomore girls dormitory. Mary Catherine shared a room with Mandy in Founders Hall during her sophomore year.

Saint Anthony’s School for Girls—A boarding (grades 6-8) and day (grades 4-8) school for girls located about 30 minutes north of Saint Francis (on the other side of Tyrone). Many of the girls, including Mary Catherine and Mandy (but not Veronica and her sisters) went there prior to attending Saint Francis. Mary attended Saint Anthony’s from 6th grade to 8th grade.

Winslow Hall—Administration building at Saint Anthony’s.

Cabot Hall—A 6th grade dorm at Saint Anthony’s (Mary and Mandy’s dorm).

Gardner’s Candy Store—Local candy store in Tyrone. One of Mary Catherine’s favorite places!

Saint Anthony Uniforms—Forest green, yellow and white plaid jumpers, white broadcloth shirts with a Peter Pan collar (names of birds embroidered on the collar . . . 4th graders are wrens, 5th graders are cardinals, 6th graders are sparrows, 7th graders are bluejays, 8th graders are robins). White or green cable knit knee socks, black Mary Janes, white panties with days of the week embroidered on them, matching plaid headbands or ponytail scrunchies, no makeup, no jewelry except for a plain gold necklace with a small cross permitted.

Saint Francis Uniforms—Forest green and navy blue pleated plaid skirts, white oxford shirts with a button-down collar, matching green and blue plaid tie. White or navy cable knit knee socks, black leather penny loafers, navy cardigan or sweater vest with crest for normal days, navy blazer for Formal Uniform Day on Thursday. Navy or forest green sweatshirt with large embroidered crest or small, embroidered crest for Casual Friday’s. Khaki’s are a special day item when designated by the Dean. For special events such as orientation, parts of Parent’'s Weekend, campus recruitment weekend, girls have khaki shorts and white polo shirts with Saint Francis crest. White cotton panties and bra, matching plaid headbands or ponytail scrunchies, no makeup for underclassmen. Very light lipstick permitted for upperclassmen, minimal jewelry-plain gold necklace with a small cross, small earrings (one per ear only), and a watch, no dyeing of hair, no other piercings, no tattoos, etc.