Main Characters


Main Characters
Dean Andrew Michaels—Dean Michaels, or Andy as Mary Catherine thinks of him, is the Dean of Students & Discipline at Saint Francis School for Girls.

Mary Catherine Whitney—Mary Catherine is sweet, impulsive and the most amazingly infuriating errant schoolgirl to ever stand in front of Dean Michael’s desk. No wonder he has such a soft spot for her!

Supporting Characters
Benjamin (Ben) Abbott—Doug’s younger brother. He dates Jenny, one of Mary Catherine’s freshmen.

Douglas (Doug) Abbott—A student at Saint Sebastian’s, he dates Mary Catherine throughout her junior year and part of her senior year at Saint Francis. They were friends first and it developed into something more after the events in Casual Friday’s.

Tamara (Tammy) Adams—One of Mary Catherine’s ‘Trio of Terror’ as Mary affectionately refers to her most unruly freshman. She’s a cheerleader and quite a practical joker at times.

Heather Bates—Ashley’s roommate and a rival of Mary and Mandy’s at Saint Anthony’s.

Ashley Becker—Heather’s roommate and a rival of Mary and Mandy's at Saint Anthony’s.

Amanda (Mandy) BennettóMary Catherine’s best friend and closest confidante. They’ve known each other ever since they were roommates at Saint Anthony’s.

Olivia Browning—A year ahead of Mary Catherine at Saint Francis, Olivia is a close friend and Mary’s SA in Trustees Hall during her junior year at school.

Miss Clair—Headmistress of Saint Anthony’s School for Girls. She tolerates Mandy but is constantly at odds with Mary Catherine. Miss Clair is extremely mean-spirited and enjoys making the girls cry.

Miss Crawford—Mary Catherine and Mandy’s housemother in 7th grade at Saint Anthony’s. She has a soft spot for Mary and Mandy.

Brittney (Britt) Daniels—Three years ahead of Mary at Saint Francis, Britt is a mentor to Mary Catherine. She is definitely not the sort of role model Andy would like for Mary, but he has a soft spot for Britt—no matter how much trouble she gets into with her adventures on the Plaid Market & the Deadbeat Club.

Father Davis—The priest at Saint Francis.

Miss Deavons—The head cook at Saint Francis. She always thinks Andy is much too thin!

Tim Downs—Dean of Flintridge Prep. He’s a good friend of Andy’s and he dates Amy in the college years.

Kristin Erickson—A close friend of Mary Catherine's at Saint Francis, they met freshman year. She's from a working class family who lives on a ranch in Montana.

Eleanor Fitzpatrick—A year older than Mary Catherine, Eleanor is Senior Class President at Saint Francis during Mary’s junior year.

Paige Hanson—The owner of The Reformatory, the spanking club where Mary takes a job to earn money her senior year at Saint Francis. She becomes a confidante of Mary Catherine’s.

Dennis Jackson—A year older than Mary and the object of her first big crush. They date briefly during her sophomore year at Saint Francis.

Anna Kincaid—One of the girls who works with Mary at The Reformatory.

Valerie Lancaster—The second youngest of the four L’s, Valerie is the only one of the Lancaster sisters who isn’t an enemy of Mary Catherine’s. In terms of looks she closely resembles all of her more evil sisters, but her biggest fault is being too scared of Victoria, Vanessa and Veronica to stand up to them.

Vanessa Lancaster—A year younger than Victoria, Vanessa is nearly as mean as Victoria and as spoiled as Veronica. Known by the other girls as The Snitch for her tattletelling ways. She also has quite a wild reputation with the boys at Saint Sebastian’s.

Veronica Lancaster—Mary Catherine’s greatest enemy. She’s an 180 degree opposite of Mary. Head cheerleader, incredibly beautiful and built (think a real life, three-dimensional Jessica Rabbit), and is extremely cruel.

Victoria Lancaster—The oldest of the Lancaster sisters, Victoria was Mary’s SA in Benning Hall during the fall of her freshman year. Mean, vindictive and not someone you want to cross—particularly when she’s holding her floor paddle Thumper in her hand! Known as the Wicked Bitch of Benning Hall.

Miss Landry—Mary Catherine and Mandy's housemother in 6th grade at Saint Anthony's. She does NOT like the two of them . . . thinks they're troublemakers.

Helen Lewis—Andy’s personal assistant and right arm. She’s an older, kind, motherly sort of woman who has a soft spot for Mary (and Andy too for that matter).

Amy Pendry—A close friend/rival of Mary Catherine’s. She attends Flintridge Prep in California and later is Mary’s roommate at Stanford. She dates Tim Downs, former Dean at Flintridge Prep once she’s in college.

Dr. Scott Reardon—Mary’s doctor following her riding accident and a friend of Andy’s from his days at Saint Sebastian’s.

Mary Anne Riley—A casual friend of Mary’s and Mandy’s at Saint Anthony’s.

Tony Rizzo—A minor character, Tony is Mary's hair stylist.

Kristen Sumners—Often confused with Kristin Erickson, Kristen also lives on a ranch (in Texas instead of Montana). She came to Saint Francis as a sophomore, previously attending the ultrastrict Saint Anne’s Convent School.

Jennifer (Jen) Taylor—The exact of Brittney Daniels, Jen is Britt’s best friend and a role model (the positive kind) for Mary Catherine. She takes over for Victoria Lancaster as Mary’s SA in the middle of her freshman year of school.

Sidney Valentine—A casual friend of Mary’s and Mandy’s at Saint Anthony’s.

Patrick (Whit) Whitney—Mary Catherine’s older brother and Andy’s best friend. He died of leukemia when Mary was eight, just before he would’ve graduated from Saint Sebastian’s.

Susan Wilson—One of Mary Catherine’s ‘Trio of Terror’, Susan was originally on Veronica’s floor in Benning Hall and moved to Mary’s midyear. Mary nicknamed her ‘slugger’ after a memorable incident.